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Two Entertainment Giants Announce Acquisition.

Clearwater, Florida, March 24, 2016 ( -


After four years of tirelessly working to realize his dream of seeing his favorite groups on stage once again, on October 18, 1969 Richard Nader produced his first “Rock and Roll Revival” concert at the Felt Forum in Madison Square Garden.  That show quickly became the most talked about concert of the decade.  So successful was the show that it was moved in to the main arena the following year, spawning a series that was to become the longest running concert attraction in the Garden's history, with 21 out of 25 sold-out shows and ticket sales in excess of 400,000. The "Rock & Roll Revival Spectacular" shows later took the road, touring 80 US cities and 40 colleges along with two runs in Las Vegas. The Revival was also the subject of the feature film "Let The Good Times Roll," two 90 minute television specials for ABC-TV and a cable TV special produced for Home Box Office. Record companies, long neglecting the stars of yesteryear, scrambled to re-release the oldies. Radio stations took a long look at yesterday's hits once more with the sudden understanding that thousands of listeners weren't hearing what they wanted. "Oldies" and "Classic Rock" formats emerged in markets nationwide.  Since that day his name has been and will always be synonymous with incredible entertainment. 

Richard Nader Entertainment shows around the country are legends almost before they are presented. Their successful status positively proves the prowess of these productions and clearly demonstrates the devotion, dedication and diligence to this craft.

In 2000, Deborah Nader proudly carried the torch into the new millennium due to Richard’s untimely illness.  Under Deborah’s guidance Richard Nader Entertainment has grown its fan base and has continued to bring incomparable entertainment across the country.  Richard Nader Entertainment is a name that is trusted and known by thousands of venues and artists, due to Deborah’s love of the business and amazing work ethic.

Tommy Mara is a main stay staple in the Oldies community.  He has been called the Pavarotti of Doo Wop, selling out shows from coast to coast.  His powerhouse vocals and humble demeanor have made him well known and beloved amongst his peers and fans alike.  With his wife and daughter, Tommy is proud to produce theatrical productions in addition to his busy touring schedule.  Under the business name Show Palace Entertainment, the Mara Family produces seven book musicals a year and countless cabaret shows, selling to consistently sold out crowds.  They truly are the first family of entertainment in the Tampa Bay area. 

When Mr. Nader and Mr. Mara met for the first time in the early 1990s, it was a match made in musical Heaven.  They shared ideas and dreams of bringing more of the music they loved hearing growing up to the masses.  Richard Nader saw the passion that Tommy Mara had for this music, and Tommy saw the passion that Richard had for producing these shows.  Tommy has had the honor of being on Richard Nader Entertainment’s prestigious artist roster for over a decade. 

For the past 16 years Deborah has been at the helm of Richard Nader Entertainment.  She has devoted so much of her life, energy and passion to this company.  With a heavy heart, Deborah has made the decision to spend her days relaxing, staying out of the daily stresses of concert production and out of the spotlight.  It was not a decision that she made lightly.  Perhaps the heaviest decision was who to sell this groundbreaking company to.  Who could respect the legacy of the artists, the legacy of Richard Nader and the legacy of her body of work?  Only one family came to mind – The Maras.  It was an honor for the Mara Family to accept such an offer. 

As a group, Ms. Nader and The Mara Family chose this date, March 24, to announce that the torch has been passed once again to a new generation.  March 24 is a profoundly significant day to all of them.  On this day, in 2010, their beloved friend, mentor and idol, Johnny Maestro, became the newest lead singer in Rock and Roll Heaven.  This day has been a day of grieving for them.  Now this is a day that they will celebrate for generations.  In honor of Johnny, the Mara Family along with Ms. Nader will continue to honor the legacy of the greatest music of all time.

The Mara Family looks forward to many more years of producing great concerts under the new name Nader-Mara Entertainment.  And, as Deborah has always said, it will be done “for the love of rock and roll”. 

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